Fantasy Comic League: The Court of Knowhere- March 2018


I am the Living Tribunal, the cosmic judge of the universe. In this new dusk before a “Fresh Start,” showing up with grant power and furious vengeance, at her rightful position at the top, is Agent TGShep (56). With both loyalty and faithfulness in Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier, and the blessing of the King of Wakanda, she was able to surge to the top of K.N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s ranks! Following close at hand with strength of the Amazing Spider-Man, Agent Xi (49) was able to show his worth in second place! With a strong assist from Nadia Pym, he had no issue at all. Sceritz (48), who had before shown prowess in the top spot, has fallen now to third on the very heels of Xi, with a strong showing from Thor, the Godess of Thunder and the Merc with the Mouth and failings from both Beast and Doctor Strange. Next is Agent Josh (39) who proves that Logan is still a valuable pick. However, with low numbers from Herc and Citizen V, he was unable to score reliably. And lastly with a point to prove Agent DatOne (30) continues to ride with the femme fatale. But with team members like Honey Badger scoring only 1 point, she could not quite make the cut. My judgement has been passed. Until next time, when the Living Tribunal returns.

Agent Sceritz (@IVWall) – 7 Points

Agent Shep (@tgshepherdvan) – 6 Points

Agent Xi (@xiphoniii) – 3 Points

Agent Josh (@JoshuaUnruh) – 2 Points

Agent DatOne (@DatOneWriter) – 2 Points



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