Fantasy Comic League: Danger Room Training Report for March 2018

For the #FantasyComicLeague the #DangerRoom is lead by Bachman  @anthonybachman who along with his fellow mutants Trevitt @TrevittTrev,  Daily @DailyXmenFacts, Robert @robertcyoung, and Swampy @swampy19 monthly brave the Danger Room to keep the Marvel Universe safe.

In the 3rd month for the Danger Room, this season our mutants squeeze out a 1 point lead over Multiverse to again put up a league-leading combined score of 266 points! The new kids are here to play, but they are not playing around! In total their drafted heroes used their powers 83 times in 93 appearances and 53 team-ups to save 7 civilians and defeat 9 adversaries.

Swampy became the first member to unseat Bachman and take a Danger Room win for himself! With Team Full Bodysuit all putting in solid showings this month and the anchor of Peter Parker put up a division high score of 29 there was just no no catching him! Daily earns himself the 2nd place spot with his towering team of powerful women lead by Rogue and Thor, a dynamic duo doing well throughout the league on multiple teams. 3rd place went to Robert with his Avengers stacked team lead by Old Man Logan who is still kicking, for now. Trevitt earns his first season points his dynamic Damnation team and the surprise showing from the return of Bruce Banner, as the Immortal Hulk! First to worst finally happens as Bachman having led two months in row bet heavy on the No Surrender Avengers and the return of Infinity alum mister Adam Warlock. The Avengers put in work but the original character born with an Infinity Gem lands a big ol golden halo goose egg.

With the end of No Surrender and Damnation this month and the ramp up to the new fresh jumpstart back again relaunch refresh Marvel universe it’s anyone’s guess what April will bring. Check back in next month to see how our mutants did.

Remember just because they’re holograms doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Until next month, Mutant And Proud…

Danger Room Standings – Season(Current Month):

Bachman – 6(40), Swampy – 6(78), Robert – 4(49), Daily – 4(52), Trevitt – 1(47)


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