Fantasy Comic League: Midtown’s March Dossier

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With 256 points, the Agents of #Midtown fought hard and came in third for the month of March against the other #FantasyComicLeague divisions.

Agents NataliaLennieFleshChris and Broadway drafted in their favourite heroes; appearing 91 times over the course of the month, Midtowns heroes saved 5 civilians and defeated 7 antagonists. With 80 power usages and 12 character defining moments, our team members formed 52 teams while leading 9 of those.

All four heroes awarded ‘player of the week’ featured on Midtown Agent’s rosters; Parker, who won the title twice was drafted by Agent Chris. Thor and Rogue, by Agent Natalia and Black Panther (tied with Rogue) was drafted by Agent Broadway. The final week gave Spider-Man a push up to Midtown’s highest scoring player, edging out Rogue for the title.

Agent Lennie managed to redraft three of her previous team following a second place finish in February. She had strong showings from all four members of her team and scored highly with her power drafting. With 63 points, she easily beat the other Agents vying for first place. Agent Chris only managed to salvage one member of his February roster when he was able to redraft Falcon. He teamed him up with Hawkeye, Hercules and an impressive showing from Iron Fist gave Chris a second place finish. Agent Natalia kept Rogue and Scarlet Witch to team with new heroes Kitty Pryde and Thor this month. Despite having two players of the week, and two contenders for player of the month, on her team; a poor showing from Kitty let her down. Agent Flesh lost a very close battle to finish in fourth (only 1 point separates 2nd, 3rd and 4th), despite having Parker on his side; poor showings from Beast and Venom along with a mediocre performance from Captain America. Agent Broadway kept both Black Panther and Doctor Strange this month and added Wasp and Cable to complete her team. Though she finished in fifth place, her team had the most character defining moments of all teams.

Once again, a massive congratulations to all Agents and a big thank you for your commitment to the #FantasyComicLeague.

Good luck to all for the final month of the first season of 2018! 


March points: Lennie: 3, Chris: 2, Natalia: 1, Flesh: 1 & Broadway: 0

Points tally: Chris: 6, Lennie: 6, Natalia: 4, Flesh: 4 & Broadway: 1

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