Fantasy Comic League: Final Wakanda Report – April 2017

As the first 2017 season winds down, the Agents of Wakanda find themselves revolting against their leader. After guiding the division for four months, Agent Martineau put all his hopes into the healing heroes, Logan and Deadpool, but even they were not enough to stop Agent Soton and his old faithful, Peter Parker. Agent Soton‘s star studded (and Peter filled) team emerged as the victors, with 83 points split largely between Spider-Man and Storm. Agent Martineau tied him, but unfortunately even during his own event, Wade Wilson could not outperform Peter Parker. Agent Sistah had her highest placing yet, with 63 points spread evenly over her youthful team. Agent Seren, trailing slightly behind at 60 points, took fourth thanks to Marvel’s shift towards the Secret Empire. And despite only getting 49 points in April, Agent Sceritz saw weakness in their leader and claimed the Wakanda division as his own. Disheartened from not only the loss of the season but also his division, Agent Martineau took to the cosmos in search of answers.

Congratulations to Agent Soton for his Q1 season win. Hope to see y’all in the Q2 season.

Player’s Standing & Twitter Handle

Agent Soton (@sotonspidey)- 8 points (295 points in Q1 season)

Agent Martineau (@ShaunMartineau)– 6 points (297 points in Q1 season)

Agent Seren (@serendipity824)– 6 points (296 points in Q1 season)

Agent Sceritz (@IVWall)- 6 points (254 points in Q1 season)

Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire)- 2 points (apologies to Agent Sistah, whose had one point since February that was missed) (250 points in Q1 season)



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