Fantasy Comic League: Wakanda Report – February 2017

The might of the Inhumans decimated this month in the Wakanda divison. Congratulations are in order for Agent Seren (@serendipity824) who scored 107 points, the new FCL record, with her Inhuman team of Medusa, Karnak, and Ms. M (who dragged along teammate Miles Morales for the ride.) Agent Martineau (@shaunmartineau) and Team Hawkeye (W. Wilson, Strange, Barton, and Alexander) came up significantly short in second place with 85 points (managing to outscore everyone in the Midtown Division nonetheless). Agent Soton (@southamptonspidey) and team Gwen (Parker, Stacy x2, and Murdock) took third place with 78 points. Agent Sistah (@S_hero4hire) and Team Captain (both Americas, Marvel, as well as Cho) took fourth place with 77 points. This left last month’s winner, Agent Scertiz (@IVwall) and his X-team (Summers, Munroe, L. Wilson, and T’Challa) in last place with 67 points.

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League Standing: Seren-4 points, Scertiz/Soton/Martineau– 3 points, Agent Sistah– 1 point.








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