Episode 26 – Marvel: To Infinity and Beyond

26 title card

The Mixed Marvel Arts podcast is boldy going where no podca… wait, that’s a different spaceman’s slogan. Anyway, in Marvel’s last big event of 2013, Thanos attempts to infiltrate Earth and kill his son while the Avengers are plunged into a cosmic battle with the creators of the universe itself. Shaun is incredibly eager to discuss Infinity, and Brian is quick to steer it in different directions, per usual. In addition to the big Avengers event, the MMA twosome discuss a spaceship worth of games such as Catan and Disney Infinity, and Brian digs into his obsession with Disney movies and their princesses.

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/mixedmarvelarts/131126_26-Marvel_To_Infinity_And_Beyond.mp3]

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