Episode 86 – Spider-Man’s Homecoming Homages

The Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast is doing a Happy (Hogan) dance after watching Spider-Man: HomecomingBrian and Shaun are pleased with Sony and Marvel’s joint offering which helped rejuvenate the Spider-Man movie franchise. Tom Holland nailed the duality of the hero, while the rest of the cast enjoyably expanded Spider-Man’s own little corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brian’s only skepticism was at the depiction of Peter Parker’s classmates, while Shaun cheered the role of one of his favorite actors in the film. Both of the hosts appreciated the many homages to other pop culture entertainment strewn throughout the movie. Unfortunately, things are not as happy in the beginning of the episode, as Brian and Shaun mourn the loss of some celebrities, as well as being denied the Avengers: Infinity War footage from the Disney Expo! Episode artwork: Promotional art for Sony Pictures Releasing’s Spider-Man: Homecoming; Promotional statues of Thanos and the Black Order from Avengers: Infinity War at Disney’s D23 expo.

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