Fantasy Comic League: Wakanda March Report

Hot off the heels of Agent Seren’s FCL record breaking February, March saw the finale of not one, not two, but three Marvel events. Agent Sceritz’s mutant-heavy team of Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and Ms. Marvel saw him take a 82 point victory, his second win in the first 2017 FCL season. Agent Soton was hot on his heels with a 79 points, with a team carried by Spider-Man and Medusa. Agent Martineau took third with 76 points, thanks to Deadpool under performing in his own event. A single point allowed Agent Seren to take fourth with 74 points. Despite a strong start, and a 73 point performance that would have given her third in Midtown Division, Agent Sistah took last place in Wakanda once more. As we head into the final month of 2017’s first season we are given a brief reprieve from multiple events, as Deadpool’s event winds down and Secret Empire stops in to give us a zero issue; something we here at the FCL are grateful for.

Player’s Standing & Twitter Handle:

Agent Sceritz (@IVWall)6 points

Agent Soton (@sotonspidey)- 5 points

Agent Seren (@serendipity824)5 points

Agent Martineau (@ShaunMartineau)- 4 points

Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire)- 1 point



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