A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Check-in: February 2018

MultiverseTeamCard5Hey y’all, Agent Martineau checking in. February was the month of the Panther, with T’Challa slaying the comic scene both on the printed page and the big screen. Black Panther broke 1 billion in twenty six days; Iron Man 3 made that money in 23 days, The Last Jedi crossed it after 21 days, the Avengers did it in 19 days, The Force Awakens did it in 12 days (holding the current record).

We also had a lackluster Venom/X-Men Blue crossover called Poison X, the Avengers: No Surrender event, the cosmic event Infinity Countdown, and A Doctor Strange led event called Damnation. Remember when Marvel said no more events were coming for a while? They don’t.

In Multiverse, four of the five members fought it out for first place. However, I decided to use my team to make a terrible pun (#AltWhite) and came in last place with 34 points; my team of alternate universe white characters had a strong showing from Spider-Gwen and Old Man Logan but abysmal showings from Old Man Hawkeye and Annie Parker.

The battle for third place was intense between Agents UN and Doge, but UN took it by 2 points (56 to Doge’s 54), thanks to a strong performance from Rogue. Agent Doge was seriously handicapped by Cannonball, who failed to appear in an issue that month.

Agent Brat rode on the back of the Mighty Black Panther, who scored 31 of Brat’s 63 points.  However, it was Agent Demo who took the lead (with a killer Spider-Pool combo aided by Thor) and never looked back, scoring 95 points total by month’s end.

See y’all next month, when the entire division damns itself in the fight for first place.

Ranking (and Twitter Handles) 

Agent Demo– 4 points (@iaytd)

Agent UN– 4 points (@Uncannynrdvrs)

Agent Brat– 3 points (@mvbrat91)

Agent Martineau– 2 points (@ShaunMartineau)

Agent Doge– 1 point (@MightyGregDoge)



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