Episode 93.1 – The 2017 Mixed Marvel Clip Show

The Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast recaps their 18 episodes from the year of 2017! Brian and Shaun highlight their favorite coverage of Marvel entertainment including more comic events than you can shake a stick at, including the controversial Secret Empire; the highs and the lows of Marvel television; 20th Century Fox finally making a truly enjoyable X-Men film again; and their continuing hopes for Marvel gaming. So if you are new to the Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast, or simply need an annual recap, give our clip show a listen. Thank you to the guests who helped promote the Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast and #FantasyComicLeague in 2017, including SerendipitySwampy; Sistah; LannetteBachman; Lori; Sceritz; Adam! Episode artwork: promotional artwork for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ Thor: Ragnarok; cover art for IVX, vol 1 #6 by Leinil Francis Yu; promotional art for Warner Bros. Pictures’s Wonder Woman; Cover artwork for Secret Empire: Omega, vol 1. #1 by Mark Brooks; promotional material for Disney–ABC Domestic Television’s Inhumans and promotional art for Disney–ABC Domestic Television’s Spider-Man.

Thanks for listening, and please continue to follow us on our social media accounts for all updates and news about future recordings! For more information, questions or general comments, be sure to reach out to the hosts on Twitter @mixedmarvelarts. Please also remember to like us on Facebook and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Don’t forget to leave some feedback!

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