Fantasy Comic League: Official Scoring, Week 08 – February 21, 2018

T’Challa reclaimed his place at the top of the Fantasy Comic League rankings. Black Panther scored 12 points and earned his second “Hero of the Week” title of the month. Seven of his points came from his Annual title, while two team ups in the Defenders and Damnation books pushed him into first. For the second week in a row, Logan followed in second place with 11 points, but this time he was not alone. Falcon and Doctor Strange also scored 11 points to tie for second. Falcon continued his role as co-leader of the joint Avengers and Doctor Strange accidentally raised Hell when he brought Las Vegas back from the dead. The bottom half of the power rankings featured another five-way tie. Thor stood out from the pack when she embraced death to save her adopted home world, Asgardia. She scored eight points along with Clint Barton, Amadeus Cho, young Jean Grey and Peter Parker. Marvel Girl was the highest scoring member of the X-Men Blue team. The rest of her team averaged about five points in their team up with Venom, who also scored five points and finished outside the top 10. Deadpool and Storm split the final spot in the top rankings from the week. They both scored seven points. The Generation X book came to an end and featured the return of the classic firecracker version of Jubilee. She had one of her best weeks in the Fantasy Comic League with four points.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Danger Room, Knowhere, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @MixedMarvelArts for discussion!

Black Panther (12)
Black Panther Annual – Agility, Claws, Intellect, Melee, Suit, Character Development (Fails to prevent Monica Lynne’s death)
Defenders – Team Up (Luke Cage)
Doctor Strange: Damnation – Team Up (Doctor Strange), Character Development (Damned)
Doctor Strange (11)
Defenders – Flight, Team Up (Luke Cage)
Doctor Strange: Damnation – Flight, Magic, Team Up (Falcon), Save Civilian, Character Development (Restores Las Vegas)
Mighty Thor – Teleport
Falcon (11)
Avengers – Flight, Melee, Team Up (Rogue), Lead Team
Doctor Strange: Damnation – Flight, Team Up (Doctor Strange), Lead Team, Character Development (Damned)
Mighty Thor
Logan (11)
Astonishing X-Men – Team Up (X)
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan – Claws, Durability, Heal, Melee, Sense, Team Up (Deadpool)
Defenders – Team Up (Luke Cage)
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (8)
Avengers – Trick Arrow, Team Up (Falcon)
Doctor Strange: Damnation – Team Up (Doctor Strange), Character Development (Damned)
Tales of Suspense – Team Up (Winter Soldier)
Hulk (8)
Incredible Hulk – Computers, Intellect, Strength, Team Up (Odinson), Save Civilian, Character Development (Hulk takes over), Defeat Antagonist (Warlord)
Marvel Girl (8)
Venom – Flight, Telekinetics, Telekinetics Defensive, Telepathy, Team Up (Venom), Lead Team, Defeat Antagonist (Haze Mancer)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (8)
Amazing Spider-Man – Crawl, Melee, Webs, Team Up (Agent Anti-Venom)
 – Team Up (Luke Cage)
Thor (8)
Avengers – Team Up (Rogue)
Doctor Strange: Damnation – Mjolnir, Team Up (Doctor Strange), Character Development (Damned)
Mighty Thor – Character Development (Embraces death to save Asgardia)
Deadpool (7)
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan – Heal, Melee, Weapon, Team Up (Logan)
Defenders – Team Up (Jessica Jones)
Storm (7)
Defenders – Flight, Team Up (Luke Cage)
X-Men: Gold – Flight, Weather, Character Development (Gets arrested)
Daredevil (6)
Daredevil – Baton, Team Up (Blindspot)
Defenders – Baton, Team Up (Spider-Woman)
Doctor Voodoo (6)
Avengers – Flight, Magic, Magic Offensive, Team Up (Falcon)
Doctor Strange: Damnation
Kitty Pryde (6)
Generation X
X-Men: Gold
 – Intangibility, Melee, Lead Team, Character Development (Gets arrested)
Luke Cage (6)
 – Durability, Team Up (Spider-Woman)
Luke Cage – Character Development (Makes time for his daughter)
Scarlet Witch (6)
Avengers – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Team Up (Falcon)
Beast (Young) (5)
Venom – Intellect, Tech, Team Up (Venom), Defeat Antagonist (Haze Mancer)
Cyclops (5)
Venom – Optics, Optics Offensive, Team Up (Venom), Defeat Antagonist (Haze Mancer)
Jessica Jones (5)
 – Durability, Team Up (Spider-Woman), Lead Team
Rogue (5)
Astonishing X-Men – Team Up (X)
Avengers – Team Up (Falcon), Lead Team
Venom (5)
Venom – Melee, Symbiote, Team Up (Cyclops), Defeat Antagonist (Haze Mancer)
Iceman (4)
Venom – Ice, Team Up (Venom), Defeat Antagonist (Haze Mancer)
Jubilee (4)
Generation X – Energy, Character Development (Saves Monet), Defeat Antagonist (Emplate)
Nightcrawler (4)
X-Men: Gold – Melee, Teleport, Character Development (Gets arrested)
Synapse (4)
Avengers – Telepathy, Telepathy Defensive, Team Up (Falcon)
Wonder Man (4)
Avengers – Energy, Flight, Team Up (Falcon)
Loki (3)
Infinity Countdown Prime
Mighty Thor
– Magic
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (3)
Defenders – Webs, Team Up (Luke Cage)
Gambit (2)
Astonishing X-Men – Team Up (X)
Spider-Woman (2)
Defenders – Team Up (Luke Cage)
Beast (0)
Black Bolt (0)
Cannonball (0)
Captain America (0)
Hawkeye (Old Man Clint) (0)
Honey Badger (0)
Human Torch (0)
Mockingbird (0)
Moon Girl (0)
Ms. Marvel (0)
Phoenix (0)
Spiderling (0)
Squirrel Girl (0)
Vision (0)
Wasp (Nadia Pym) (0)
Wolverine (0)

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