Fantasy Comic League: Official Scoring, Week 06 – February 07, 2018

The month of Black Panther kicked off as expected; the King of Wakanda ascended to the top of the power rankings. Black Panther, a character typically known for watching and waiting, experienced one of his best weeks in the Fantasy Comic League. King T’Challa finally had enough with just observing other heroes and took action, striking out with 21 points and his first “Hero of the Week” title. Peter Parker continued his slow start (slow by Spider-Man’s standards) and played second fiddle to Black Panther. He scored 11 points for second place. Nightcrawler and Rogue pulled double duty for team participation and tied for third place. Rogue continued to split her time between the X-Men and Avengers, while Nightcrawler teleported over to Jean Grey’s new Red team of mutants. The recently resurrected Jean started off her team book with a literal bang when an ambassador to the UN was assassinated right in front of her. Jean scored seven points and tied with a pair of other famous troublemakers, Deadpool and Loki, as well the more calm mutant, Storm. The four of them split fifth place. Venom and Wolverine rounded out the top 10 heroes for the first week of February. In his own book, Eddie had to tussle with another Spider-hero in order to win their trust. This time it was Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. Wolverine also joined Jean’s X-Men Red team and brought along her little bestie, Honey Badger. However, Gabby only managed three points in her one appearance for the week.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Danger Room, Knowhere, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @MixedMarvelArts for discussion!

Black Panther (21)
Black Panther: The Sound and the Fury – Agility, Melee, Suit, Tech, Lead Team, Save Civilian, Defeat Antagonist (Klaw)
Rise of the Black Panther – Agility, Claws, Intellect, Melee, Suit, Tech, Weapon, Team Up (Namor), Save Civilian
X-Men: Red – Team Up (Phoenix), Lead Team
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (11)
Amazing Spider-Man – Crawl, Melee, Strength, Webs, Team Up (Loki), Lead Team, Save Civilian, Character Development (Breaks up with Mockingbird)
Spider-Man/Deadpool – Team Up (Husk)
Nightcrawler (8)
X-Men: Gold
 – Team Up (Magma)
X-Men: Red
 – Teleport, Team Up (Phoenix), Save Civilian, Character Development (Joins the Red team)
Rogue (8)
Avengers – Team Up (Falcon), Lead Team
Rogue & Gambit – Durability, Flight, Melee, Team Up (Gambit)
Deadpool (7)
Spider-Man/Deadpool – Fourth Wall, Gun, Melee, Weapon, Team Up (Screwball), Lead Team
Loki (7)
Amazing Spider-Man – Intellect, Magic, Team Up (Spider-Man), Lead Team, Save Civilian, Character Development (Returns Spider-Man’s favor)
Phoenix (7)
X-Men: Red – Flight, Telepathy, Team Up (Wolverine), Lead Team, Save Civilian, Character Development (Declares a new mutant nation)
Storm (7)
X-Men: Gold
 – Flight, Lightning, Weather, Team Up (Magma), Save Civilian
Venom (6)
Venom – Melee, Symbiote, Webs, Character Development (Finishes his treatments), Defeat Antagonist (Looter)
Wolverine (6)
X-Men: Red – Claws, Heal, Team Up (Phoenix), Save Civilian, Character Development (Joins the Red team)
Black Bolt (5)
Black Bolt – Flight, Melee, Strength, Team Up (Titania)
Gambit (5)
Rogue & Gambit – Charm, Energy, Weapon, Team Up (Rogue)
Spider-Woman (5)
Venom – Energy, Melee, Sleuth, Character Development (Gives Venom a chance to continue his reform)
Beast (4)
Avengers – Agility, Intellect, Team Up (Wasp)
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (4)
Hawkeye – Arrow, Bow, Team Up (Kate Bishop)
Kitty Pryde (4)
X-Men: Gold
 – Team Up (Magma), Lead Team
Falcon (3)
Avengers – Team Up (Rogue), Lead Team
Honey Badger (3)
X-Men: Red – Team Up (Phoenix), Character Development (Joins the Red team)
Logan (3)
X-Men: Gold
 – Character Development (Leaves the team)
Synapse (3)
Avengers – Telepathy, Team Up (Falcon)
Daredevil (2)
Daredevil – Baton
Human Torch (2)
Avengers – Team-Up (Falcon)
Mockingbird (2)
Amazing Spider-Man – Character Development (Breaks up with Spider-Man)
Thor (2)
Avengers – Team Up (Rogue)
Wasp (Nadia Pym) (2)
Avengers – Team Up (Beast)
Wonder Man (2)
Avengers – Team Up (Falcon)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (1)
Beast (Young) (0)
Cannonball (0)
Captain America (0)
Cyclops (0)
Doctor Strange (0)
Doctor Voodoo (0)
Hawkeye (Old Man Clint) (0)
Hulk (0)
Iceman (0)
Jessica Jones (0)
Jubilee (0)
Luke Cage (0)
Marvel Girl (0)
Moon Girl (0)
Ms. Marvel (0)
Scarlet Witch (0)
Spiderling (0)
Squirrel Girl (0)
Vision (0)

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