Fantasy Comic League: The Latveria Legislature – January 2018

Ever since Victor von Doom turned over a new leaf and abdicated the throne of Latveria, turmoil has roiled the country. Wannabe dictators attempted to steal the throne leading to the United States calming the storm by deploying War Machine. Things improved further when, at the behest of Sharon Carter, the young hero Ironheart flew into town and defeated Octavio von Bardas. Ironheart accepted leadership of the country for a brief amount of time until S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up and promised to aid Latveria in becoming a free state. To that end, S.H.I.E.L.D. deployed their #FantasyComicLeague agents to protect the peace process. While the politicians laid out the new governing legislation behind the walls of Castle Doom, the agents safeguarded the cobblestone streets of Doomstadt.

In an eventful month, which saw the League expand into three more jurisdictions for a total of seven battle sites, the agents of Latveria saved seven Latverians and prevented 13 antagonists from sowing further chaos. There were 14 character defining moments for the drafted heroes, while Peter Parker was the only character to hit for the Fantasy cycle. Kitty Pryde, Cyclops and Logan fell a category shy of achieving the feat as well. Fantasy Comic League veteran Agent @KingofTysons was transferred to Latveria to lead the new division and he recruited some of the top talent in Europe to help him. King paved the way for the Latveria crew becoming the top division in the league for the first month of 2018 with 384 points.

In addition to bringing his varsity-level coaching to a new squad, King personally won the division with an impressive 111 points. His team featured January’s dynamic duo, Kitty Pryde and Rogue, who scored him a joint 71 points. Agent @adameastment left the Multiverse division and continued his streak of improved standings by securing second place. He drafted Logan, the hero of the month, and scored 89 points. Agent @SuperiorComic16 left the Wakanda division, but brought Black Panther with him to Latveria. Unfortunately, this was not T’Challa’s month. Superior scored 79 points thanks to the might of Storm, who scored 25 points for him and edged out both Peter Parker and Falcon’s 24 point performances. Human Torch heated up in January for new Fantasy Comic League Agent @JamesBSheppard. He starred in the Avengers “No Surrender” event and scored 26 of James’ 54 points. James also recruited Johnny’s fantastic teammate and costar of the new Marvel Two-in-One book, the Thing. Latveria stole another member of the Wakanda division, Agent @sotonspidey. He unfortunately suffered from sub par performances out of his M&M’s, Miles Morales and Matt Murdock. Nightcrawler scored 20 points for soton thanks to the weekly X-event, Phoenix Resurrection. Overall, soton’s last place performance netted him 51 points.

Overall Scores – King, 3 pts; Adam, 2 pts; Superior, 1 pt; James, 1 pt; Soton, 0 pts

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