Fantasy Comic League: Midtown’s January Dossier


Midtown gained new assets for the new year; welcoming Agents @TheChrisFerrell & @Broadwaybandit5 following the addition of three new divisions for 2018. Midtown bid a fond farewell to former leader @KingofTysons as he left to run #Latveria and Agent @anthonybachman as he moved on to lead #DangerRoom.

Midtown scored an impressive 379 points across the five week month, coming in a very close third overall between the seven divisions now competing. With 132 appearances, our agents defeated 13 antagonists, saved 6 civilians, teamed up 92 times and utilised a massive 93 powers.

Agent @Flesheater took an early lead with a double Wolverine team up. He had two of five players of the week in Logan; teamed with three high scoring companions, his team held it’s own against stiff competition, finishing in first place. Agent @nataliaromanov3 drafted an old favourite, recruiting Marvel Girl once again along with three other X-Women. One of several Agents this month to benefit from the strong duo of Rogue and Kitty Pryde, she started and ended in second place for her first month as division lead. Newcomer, Agent @TheChrisFerrell did extremely well in his first month, winning the #WarForParker, quickly locking in the #FantasyComicLeague favourite. Falcon was his biggest scorer; combined with the force Thor and Phoenix, he ended respectively in third. #Midtown veteran Agent @Lennie_Roxx came in fourth with 63 points. An impressive show from Cyclops, also a player of the week, was let down by a poor showing from Wasp. Midtown’s second newcomer, @Broadwaybandit5 drafted some of her favourite heroes to assist in her first month of battle. Jubilee was her biggest scorer, with Squirrel Girl outperforming Black Panther.

Massive congratulations to all Agents! 

Points tally: Flesh: 3 (115), Natalia: 2 (99), Chris: 1 (76), Lennie: 1 (63) & Broadway: 0 (26)



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