A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Check-In: January 2018


Hey Ya’ll, Agent Martineau checking in for the first time in a new year. 2017 was a killer year for the Fantasy Comic League, as we expanded not once but twice for a final total of four divisions. 2018 is here to blow that out of the water, kicking things off with seven divisions. Things kick off hard with Avengers: No Surrender (which will run through most of the first FCL season) and Phoenix: Resurrection. As key Avengers were taken off the table, the original Jean Grey made her big return.

In Multiverse, I was rejoined by Agent Brat while Agent Hyrup went off to run Asgard, Agent Swampy returned home to Midtown, and Agent Adam joined the European Latveria division. To fill out the ranks, we had newcomers: Agent UN (@UncannyNrdvrs), Agent Doge (@MightyGregDoge), and Agent Demo (@iaytd).

Agents Brat and Doge duked it out at the bottom for most of the month, but Thor and Cannonball were unable to carry Doge’s team out of the depths. He scored 41 points in his first month. Agent Brat’s team was led by a killer performance from Storm, scoring him 54 points.

The battle for second was tense between Agents Martineau and Demo. Demo’s team of Spider-Man, Colossus, and Wolverine lit a fire under Martineau’s ass but a weak performance from the returning Jean Grey gave him third with 76 points. Agent Martineau’s team was led by an astonishing performance from Old Man Logan, who scored 47 of his 79 points.

Agent UN took off running and never looked back. His team was led by the power combo of Kitty Pryde and Rogue, who carried Wade Wilson through an incredibly weak month. UN finished the month with 94 points.

Ranking (and Twitter Handles) 

Agent UN– 3 points (@Uncannynrdvrs)

Agent Martineau– 2 points (@ShaunMartineau)

Agent Demo– 1 point (@iaytd)

Agent Brat– 1 point (@mvbrat91)

Agent Doge– 0 points (@MightyGregDoge)


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