January 2018

The dawn of a new day has arisen as another year of the #FantasyComicLeague has begun. Despite putting to rest the rumors surrounding a change of leadership, #Wakanda was unable to prevent the deployment of two of its members due to the expansion of the #FantasyComicLeague. Both Agent Superior and Agent Soton were reassigned to #Latveria to help stabilize and provide guidance to the new Division.

With Agent Soton’s departure, Agent Sistah was left as the sole remaining member of the original Elite “S” Squad in #Wakanda. Calling upon the Panther Goddess for aid and relying on the remaining squad members, Agent Super and Agent Sha, to assist in the rites of passage, two new members were added to the #Wakanda Division: Agent Snikt and Agent Shaw.

With the uncertainty of the status of the Orisha, the return of the villainous Klaw, and the kidnapping of three “Adored Ones,” the Elite “S” Squad was quickly called into battle to eradicate the threats by working alongside King T’Challa, the formidable former Queen, Shuri, and the impassioned Dora Milaje. During the second week of the 5-week long grueling battle, reinforcements were brought in when every member’s mini squad of characters made an appearance. The team was able to bring in 331 points for the #FantasyComicLeague by saving 7 civilians, defeating 13 adversaries and navigating 11 life changing events.

#Wakanda Division Leader, Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire) secured her first place finish on the back of #TeamPrydeNPrejudice. This was thanks to the astounding 35 points brought in by Kitty herself. Add in Peter Parker and Sam Wilson, who both brought in 24 points apiece, it’s not surprising Agent Sistah brought in 96 points. Comfortably bringing in a second place finish was the neophyte Agent Snikt (@NickZG) whose #TeamWaspverine scored more than half of its 80 points from Old Man Logan (47 points to be exact)! Securing third place was Agent Sha (@La_Ney_sha) whose 67 points were mainly brought in by the Goddess Storm, followed by Thor and the Merc with a Mouth. Landing in fourth place was Agent Super (@supercurrymax)  with his eclectic team consisting of the on again/off again, not sure what’s their relationship status duo of Rogue and Gambit. They helped bring in his 53 points for the month. Rounding out the Elite “S” Squad’s total points was the second newest member, Agent Shaw (@notingshaw), whose 35 points were brought in by Black Cat (debuting in the #FantasyComicLeague) and the combined efforts of Squirrel Girl, Doctor Strange, and the Phoenix.

The Wakanda Caucus is once again in session…


Overall scores – Sistah, 3 pts; Snikt, 2 pts; Sha, 1 pt; Super, 1 pt; Shaw, 0 pts


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