Fantasy Comic League: The Court of Knowhere- December 2017


I am the Living Tribunal, the cosmic judge of the universe. In this age, we bring reverence to the heroes of both old and new by blessing their stories with the numbering of a past age. First under my grand scrutiny is Agent Serendipity (71) who must be acknowledged for a most shrewd choice of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Though the rest of her team did mediocre at best, it was the wall crawler who shouldered over half of the points that brought his team the victory with a whopping 38. I am pleased… Next, though far below the bar set up by Agent Seren, Agent Young (59) proved that despite what order he is forced to pick in his aim is forever true. Regardless of the pitiful efforts of Black Bolt and the “not so totally awesome” Hulk, both Cyclops and Logan proved their worth, the later gaining 25 of his teams points alone, putting him in second place. This was followed closely behind by Agent Sceritz (56) who banked on Venom without any notable success. While Deadpool did most of the heavy lifting his other teammates managed to at least pull in low double digits to secure him the third place slot. Agent Xi, just a few points below that (51) Had moderate numbers granted by Spider-Man and Marvel Girl, and even Cable pulled more than usual. Unfortunately, despite his title of Sorcerer Supreme, loki still played to roll of the Trickster God when it comes to Xi’s choices. Lastly is Agent Datone who must be admired for her loyalty to the Marvel brand. Despite low numbers (38), she has both Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel fighting by her side in addition to two of the most notable X-men, Wolverine and Storm.  My judgement has been passed. Until next time, when the Living Tribunal returns.


Agent Young (@Robertcyoung)- 8 Points


Agent Seren (@Serendipity824)- 7 Points


Agent Sceritz (@IVWall)- 6 Points


Agent Xi (@Xiphoniii)- 5 Points                                         


Agent DatOne (@DatOneWriter)- 2 Points

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