FANTASY COMIC LEAGUE: Wakanda Caucus – October 2017

Marvel LogoIs it a coincidence the arch nemesis of the Wakandan people, Ulysses Klaw, returns to cause havoc at the same time Marvel Legacy relaunches a return to the old guard’s numbering system? #Wakanda Division Leader, Sistah Geek is not taking any chances and once again calls upon the blessings of Bast for guidance and protection for the Elite “S” Squad. Queen Shuri has recently ordered the Squad to work opposite the Midnight Angels in investigating Klaw’s return, monitoring the “old but new numbering system” and ensuring nothing befalls Black Panther or any citizens of #Wakanda.

Working in tandem with the Midnight Angels, the Elite “S” Squad catapulted #Wakanda into a 2nd place finish between the Divisions by bringing in 314 points. Such an achievement was done by saving 18 civilians, defeating 7 adversaries and navigating 7 life changing events.

One of the standout performances was by new Squad member, Agent Superior (@SuperiorComics16) who had an unstoppable team of Peter, Miles, Falcon, and Young Cyclops. In his second month in the #FantasyComicLeague, Agent Superior brought in 93 points, 31 of which were by Peter Parker himself, far surpassing anyone in all four divisions. That’s what’s called the Parker Effect. Holding on to second place for the duration of the month was Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire), whose #TeamEstroGenX brought in 72 points. The third place spot went to the other newest Squad member, Agent Sha (@La_Ney_sha), who was able to take advantage of a minor oversight, thus allowing the inclusion of the Punisher Max book for this one month. Her team, led by Logan’s 29 points, brought in a total of 61 points for #Wakanda. Coming in fourth with 55 points was Agent Soton (@sotonspidey), who was unimpressed by the goose egg Steve Rogers laid when he didn’t bring in a single point during the month. Luckily Deadpool was around to carry this weight by bringing in 26 points for Agent Soton. Rounding out the “S” Squad with a fifth place finish was Agent Super (@supercurrymax) whose 33 points relied heavily on Champions Viv Vision and Nova (Sam). Unfortunately, Agent Super experiences lackluster success in drafting members of the Runaways.

Only time will tell what awaits the “S” Squad in the upcoming months.

This session of the Wakanda Caucus is now adjourned.

Overall scores – Sistah, 5pts; Superior, 4pts; Soton, 2pts; Super, 2pts; Sha, 1 pt.





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