Fantasy Comic League: Midtown Report – September 2017

Marvel’s Legacy event represents a new beginning, or a return to their roots, for many of the Marvel superheroes; it also signals the start of a new Fantasy Comic League season. The agents of the Midtown #FantasyComicLeague division return to the streets amid a surge of symbiotic activity. Newcomer Agent @Flesheater joined the fray and took the place of the previous season winner, Agent @robertcyoung, who joined the new division in #Knowhere. The Midtown team scored 245 combined points, leading all other divisions once more. They saved 11 civilians, defeated 14 antagonists and had 15 character defining moments. Agent @KingofTysons benefited greatly from the Generations event as Sam Wilson and Carol Danvers boosted him to first place in the final week of the month with 59 points. Carol was one of two characters to hit for the Fantasy cycle. Despite possessing Venom, the top performing hero of the month, Agent @anthonybachman lost his lead in the final week due in large part to Storm’s lackluster performance. Venom, who also hit for the cycle, scored more than half of Bachman’s 53 points. Marvel Girl cooled off this month, but helped secure third place for Agent @nataliaromanov3 whose best hero was Ms. Marvel this time. She scored 46 points and edged out the new recruit by one point. Agent Flesheater had a respectable showing of 45 points and is poised for a strong follow-up month with characters like Logan and Cyclops on his roster. Agent @Lennie_Roxx fell just short of placing this month with 42 points after Daredevil continued his cold streak.

Overall Scores – King, 3 pts; Bachman; 2 pts, Natalia, 1 pt; Flesh 1 pt; Lennie, 0 pts

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