A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Checkup: September 2017


Hey y’all, Agent Martineau here. A new season begins as Marvel turns back to admire the Legacy of their heroes. September was notable month with not one but two epilogues to Secret Empire, the finale of Generations (severing also as the finale of Secret Empire), the Legacy one-shot, and VenomVerse raging on a weekly basis.

The new season saw the emergence of new additions to the league and Multiverse welcomed a new Brat to the crew, literally, with Agent Brat. Unfortunately, he did not grasp the beginner’s luck that made Agent Hyrup the one to beat last season; his ladies were carried by Jean Grey and let down hard by America Chavez, giving him last place with 32 points. He was followed closely by the Double A, Agent Adam, with 37 points: Kamala was the only hero to break double digits on Adam’s team. Agent Hyrup took third  place with 43 points, despite having a team that had 3 Generations comics this month thanks to a double appearance by Carol Danvers. Agent Swampy snuck into second with a team of recognizable heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, who managed to get him 44 points. And Agent Martineau, emerged on top, both in Multiverse and the League as a whole. Banking on Venom’s weekly event and Sam Wilson’s final outings as Captain America, he scored 62 points.

League Standing (and Twitter Handles)

Agent Martineau– 3 points (@ShaunMartineau

Agent Swampy– 2 points (@swampy19)

Agent Hyrup– 1 point (@LoriHyrup) 

Agent Adam– 1 point (@Adameastment) 

Agent Brat– 0 points (@mvbrat91)

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