Fantasy Comic League: Midtown Report – January 2017

The world is under attack by Hydra! Luckily, S.H.I.E.L.D. has dispatched a team of agents to help secure the war zones. Each agent has recruited a team of superheros to help them patrol the areas and quell the rising chaos. Led by Agent @KingofTysons (bet you didn’t know the ‘@’ symbol stood for agent) and his team of youthful Champions (68 points), the Midtown crew saved 13 civilians and defeated nine major threats to the city while totaling 289 points. Spider-Man, Peter Parker, picked up the slack for @JohnnyTImpulse (60 pts) as Victor Von Doom struggled to capitalize on his new heroic lifestyle. New agent @Lennie_Roxx (60 pts) enlisted potential ‘love-spiders,’ Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy for a strong third place finish. @swampy19 (57 pts) called upon two of Marvel’s feuding queens, Storm and Medusa, but only managed a fourth place finish. Rookie agent @robertcyoung (44 pts) banked on two normally productive heroes, Captain Marvel and Black Panther, but their below average month resulted in a last place finish for the newbie.

Overall Score – Brian, 3 pts; Johnny, 2 pts; Lennie, 1 pt; Swampy, 1 pt; Robert, 0 pts

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