Fantasy Comic League: The Saga of Asgard – April 2018


For an era of “no more events,” the events that took place during the first quarter season of the #FantasyComicLeague 2018 year—Avengers: No Surrender, Venomized, Damnation, and Phoenix: Resurrection–heavily influenced and shaped the final outcome for the Agents of #Asgard, and in the final month of the quarter, the Agents faced a few surprises.

Throughout the season, we knew that our wise and patient sister, Agent Pom (@pomwonderland) bided her time, waiting for her younger fellow Asgardians to fumble, and her patience was rewarded. For the first time, Agent Pom skyrocketed to the top and finished first during the month of April with 96 points with a team led by Falcon and accompanied by Venom, Ms. Marvel, and Quicksilver.

Following behind Agent Pom was Agent Geeks (@GeeksGoneWildTw) with 87 points, a hearty warrior who has seen both ends of the win and loss spectrum. In his team, he held the coveted Spider-Man, Peter Parker, as well as Doctor Strange, Gambit, and Wolverine, Laura Kinney.

Right on the heels of Agent Geeks and in the middle of the pack for the month was none other than Agent Seren (@HamSandwchWoman) with a respectable 84 points on a team led by our sister, the worthiest Thor who, alone, gained Agent Seren 32 points. Thor was accompanied by Hawkeye, Wasp (Janet van Dyne), and Synapse.

Now, we knew going into April Agent Lori’s (@LoriHyrup) reliance on a pair of Wildcards—Lightning and Voyager–was a gamble, and while they performed their best, it was not quite enough to help Agent Lori gain the ground she needed–even with Wasp (Nadia van Dyne) and Rogue, who delivered a powerful 33 points. Agent Lori finished the month with 77 points.

That brings us to Agent Cham. His #TeamRedandBlack, consisting of Black Panther, Doctor Voodoo, Scarlet Witch, and Scarlet Spider and Doctor Voodoo earned themselves a respectable 70 points.

The results of a single month do not truly reveal the fate of the entire season. That is best left to the weaving of the Norns, and the pattern they wove, none could have predicted.

Rising to the top of season in all of her glory, accompanied by the bravest and the mightiest Thor, is none other than Agent Seren with 302 total points. The leader of our merry band, Agent Lori, finishes in second overall, even though she is the highest scorer with 343 points for the season. In a solid third place is Agent Geeks with 237 points. In fourth place is the magnificent Agent Pom with 210 points, followed closely behind by our energetic and optimistic Agent Cham with 201 points.

As I finish my chronicle, my mind wanders back to Agent Seren, the Human woman who had joined our newly arrived team of Asgardians. Since the first month of the season, I’ve watched her perform, and time after time, she has not only kept up with the Agents of Asgard, but often leads the charge. She is no mere human. Unfortunately, many of the scrolls in the Great Library of Asgard were destroyed in fire during the assault from the Mangog…

Wait a moment… what’s this? Where did this scroll come from? It certainly wasn’t here a moment ago. As I glance around, I catch sight of a small shadow fleeing down the hall.

I unfurl the scroll and a chill dances down my spine. In beautiful script written in the language of the Light Elves, a simple message reads, “My dreams tell me of your quandary. Meet me in the Sacred Grove when the moon is full. We have much to discuss about the maiden you call Seren.”

This is exciting! I must leave at once to be sure I make it back so I don’t miss the next round of battles.

All of the Agents of Asgard will return next season as the Saga of Asgard continues…

Overall Scores — Seren, 8; Lori, 7; Geeks, 6; Pom, 4; Cham 3


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