A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Check-In: March 2018


Hey Y’all, Agent Martineau checking in. The month of March was a slower month for the Marvel Universe, but lots still happened. We had the finale of both Kate Bishop and Jennifer Walter’s on-going series, while the New Mutants and Weapon H, of all people, began new series. We also saw a true display of heroism from Jane FosThor, one that will keep people talking for months… nay, years to come.

Marvel’s latest non-EVENT event kicked off… or at least the countdown to it did, with Infinity Countdown. At the same time, the non-EVENT events of both Avengers: No Surrender, Damnation, and Poison X continued on. Poison X came to an anti-climatic conclusion, but will continue in Venomized where everyone in the MU gets a symbiote. Avengers: No Surrender and Damnation will conclude in April, but almost every Agent across the Multiverse hitched their horse to one of those two events.

Agent Demo found himself in the unfamiliar position of last place. With the exception of Doctor Voodoo (who appeared in both A:NS and Damnation), his heroes just spent too much time standing around and only netted him 41 points.

The battle for third place was intense, with Agent UN and Agent Doge slipping and sliding around one another. In the end, it was Agent UN who fell to fourth place despite strong performances from Hulk and Rogue. He scored 46 points, to Agent Doge‘s 47. Agent Doge rode the Damnation train straight to third, with strong performances from Moon Knight and Scarlet Spider.

Agent Martineau took a very early lead and held on to it by a large margin for the entire month, until Agent Brat came out of nowhere to dethrone him in the final week. Agent Martineau scored 62 points, thanks to the draft of the strongest Damnation character (Iron Fist) and the main character of A:NS (Lightning).

It was the terminal performance of Thor, the lingering legacy of Black Panther’s film, and the powerhouse of Peter Parker that skyrocketed Agent Brat to first place with 69 points. The battle for the lead is tight as Multiverse heads into the final month of the first 2018 season. I hope to see y’all at the finish line, hopefully trophy in hand.

Ranking (and Twitter Handles) 

Agent Brat6 points (@mvbrat91)

Agent UN– 5 points (@Uncannynrdvrs)

Agent Martineau– 4 points (@ShaunMartineau)

Agent Demo– 4 points (@iaytd)

Agent Doge– 2 point (@MightyGregDoge)


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