Fantasy Comic League: Midtown’s February Dossier


Agents NataliaLennieFleshChris and Broadway once again teamed up to defend the streets of #Midtown. Scoring a total of 358 points, finishing in an impressive second for the month of February in the #FantasyComicLeague against stiff competition

Over 101 appearances, our heroes saved 9 civilians and defeated 14 antagonists. They  teamed up 81 times and led 17 teams. Throughout February we experienced 17 character defining moments and 119 uses of power.

Agent Chris kept three members of his team but swapped out Phoenix for Venom. Improving on last months third place ranking, Chris finished in first place with an impressive 107 points! Agent Len is another member of #Midtown to have moved up the rankings this month. Another agent who kept two thirds of her January roster, she swapped Wasp out for Logan, her heroes did her proud and she finished in second place. #Midtown lead Agent Natalia kept hold of Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Marvel Girl but slipped to third place after picking up Synapse in place of old favourite Kitty Pryde. In fourth place this month is agent Broadway; another agent to keep the majority of her team, however this month more than doubled her January score by learning the importance of power draftings. Finally, following his success in January, agent Flesheater became victim to the dreaded #FirstToWorst. He was able to recover half of his winning team but they failed to save him from the poor showing from Vision.

Once again, a massive congratulations to all Agents and a big thank you for your commitment to the #FantasyComicLeague


February points: Chris: 3, Lennie: 2, Natalia: 1, Broadway: 1 & Flesh: 0

Points tally: Chris: 4, Lennie: 3, Natalia: 3, Flesh: 3 & Broadway: 1


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