A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Check-In: December 2017


Another year has come and passed. This year saw Natasha Romanov, Crusher Creel, Jean Grey, Phil Coulson, Red Skull, Rick Jones, and Quasar return to the churning sea of character limbo. Though they are gone, they are not forgotten: Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton search for Natasha’s impostor in Tales of Suspense, the death of Coulson continues to haunt Wade Wilson in his own title, and Crusher Creel’s sacrifice has changed the king of the Inhumans in his title.

This year also proved you can’t keep a good X-Men down, as it also saw the return of Charles Xavier, Jean Grey (confusing, right?), and James ‘Logan’ Howlett. We also saw the return of the true Steven Rogers, Gertrude Yorkes, and the Sentry.

Perhaps of even grander importance is the return of the Ultimate Universe at the hands of Reed Richards and his family. In 2017, Valeria Richards sent the MU a message; the Fantastic Four are coming (ever closer and closer as Johnny and Ben’s search for them continues in Marvel’s Two-In-One series). And thanks to the hard work of the Ultimates crew, the universe is safe from a cosmic retooling.

In the final month of the year, Multiversal agents had it out in a tight fight for first between Agents Martineau, Hyrup, and Swampy. While those three fought for the top, Agents Brat and Adam fought at the bottom. Agent Adam fell back into his familiar trappings at the bottom; Ms. Marvel and Thor were unable to carry the team after weak performances from Lunella and Venom, scoring him 42 points. Agent Brat came out with 47, thanks to a decent showing from his team of Kitty, Jean, Miles, and Blackagon.

Agent Swampy took third, thanks to a bizarrely weak performance from his team mainstay, Amadeus Cho; he had 52 points. Agent Martineau had Peter Parker in his corner, scoring him 41 points, but Team WordsLikeKnives had a weak link in Quentin Quire; he had 67 points.

Agent Hyrup took the final win of the year, with 71 points. Her X-heavy team saw strong performances from Logan and Cyclops and broke the record of Cable sinking teams with his first place win of the year. Interestingly enough, Agent Swampy won November with a total of 71 points as well.

League Standing (and Twitter Handles) 

Agent Martineau– 8 points (@ShaunMartineau)

Agent Swampy– 7 points (@swampy19)

Agent Hyrup– 7 points (@LoriHyrup)

Agent Adam– 5 points (@AdamEastment)

Agent Brat– 2 point (@mvbrat91)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Agent Martineau took his second win in the Multiverse division. 2017 saw the league expand from 2 division to 4 and The new year will see the League expand again to 7 (Midtown, Wakanda, Multiverse, Knowhere, Danger Room, Asgard, and Latveria). Multiverse’s own Agent Hyrup will be heading the Asgard divsion. Thank you to all the participants and I hope to see you all in the new year.


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