Fantasy League, Wakanda Roundtable: August 2017


We return to congregate once more at the Wakanda Roundtable, for perhaps the last time in this amalgamation. And it is on this day that we witness the fall of Hydra and its corrupt “Captain” and make way once again for reality’s true inspiration, a child goddess’ memory made real, in the form of Steve Rogers. This quarter ended with a bang with Agent Sceritz rising to the occasion as the triumphant leader and winner of the season! With Logan, Black Panther, Storm and Hawkeye all showing with consistent numbers, the win was claimed with 85 points! But of course not far behind was Agent Sistah, with a Deadpool pick that didn’t do quite as well as he had in past months, but a very strong (no pun intended) Hulk and trigger happy Rocket Raccoon to pick up second place (74). Following closely behind is Agent Soton with his usual double Spiders, and putting a twist on his habit with ALSO pulling out Double Captain America’s! But Alas as Hydra was defeated so did fall the Captain (67). Pulling up fourth is Agent Curry, following the same habit of sticking to his favorites, but coming through with an astounding blow from Captain Marvel (55). And lastly this month was Agent Seren with despite an undoubtedly powerful Jean Grey (perhaps the best pick this month!) received very little help from Daredevil and Crystal. And that’s it for the season! As final scores would say… that’s a wrap!

Agent Sceritz- 10 points (@ivwall)

Agent Sistah Geek- 9 points (@S_Hero4Hire)

Agent Serendipity- 4 Points  (@Serendipity824)

Agent Soton- 4 Points (@SotonSpidey)

Agent Super- 1 Points (@SuperCurryMax)


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