A Fantasy Comic League Multiversal Checkup: August 2017 (Season Wrap Up)

MultiverseTeamCardAnother season has come and gone. This season saw the launching of the Multiversal group after Agent Martineau was ousted from Wakanda. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

August was the month of Generational heroes, as each week the hero starring in their Generations comic became Hero of the week. None more so than Jean Grey, who was our hero of the month with a whooping 29 points. She led Agent Hyrup‘s team to cosmic glory with a second win of the season, with each member scoring more than 20 points each to give her 99 points. But will it be enough for Hyrup to take the grand prize? Hot on her heels, Agent Martineau threw his weight behind his number one hero (Kate Bishop) to get second place with 72 points. Despite a team of generational heroes, Agent Diaz was only able to get 69 points due to a lack of Generations comics for his Spider and Marvel. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this final month was Agent Adam‘s ability to get a point, thanks to strong performances from Wolverine and Odinson scoring him 60 points. Agent Swampy‘s drafting of favorites Punisher and Cyclops brought his team down to last place with 50 points.

Now let’s look at the winner of the second 2017 season.

League Standing (and Twitter Handles) [Seasonal Hero Points]

Agent Martineau– 9 points (@ShaunMartineau[289 points]

Agent Hyrup– 8 points (@LoriHyrup) [293 points]

Agent Swampy– 6 points (@swampy19) [267 points]

Agent Diaz– 4 points (@xiphonii) [241 points]

Agent Adam– 1 point (@Adameastment) [142 points]

I would like to take this moment to dedicate this win to my girls, Kate Bishop and Nadia Pym, as well as the one consistent addition to my team; Rocket Raccoon. They may not be 30 point tyrants, but they consistently delivered and kept my team floating above the rest.

I would also like to thank all those who participated in this season. Agent Hyrup showed some real skill for someone new to the game (scoring more overall points than Agent Martineau), Agent Adam showed fierce loyalty to his Inhumans, and Agent Swampy proved to be a consistent thorn in my ass when it came to drafting. Agent Diaz will be the first Multiversal Alumni, as he moves to the Knowhere division in the final season of 2017.


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