Fantasy Comic League: Midtown Report – July 2017

Every participant of the Midtown Fantasy Comic League division brought their A-game in July which resulted in one of the closest, hardest fought months of the league. A mere five points separated first place and last place as the Midtown #FantasyComicLeague Agents continuously battled to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Their combined might resulted in 270 points, with nine antagonists thwarted, five civilians saved and six character defining moments. In the end, Agent @anthonybachman prevailed thanks to Black Panther’s final week. Bachman scored 57 points, with his two Peters (Spider-Man and Star-Lord) earning him 20 and 18 points. The Totally-Awesome Hulk stood out with 26 points, the strongest individual hero performance, and helped Agent @KingofTysons break a tie for second place at 54 points. Daredevil appeared in the most comics for an individual character (eight) for the second month in a row, this time to Agent @Lennie_Roxx‘s benefit, who also tallied 54 points.  Black Widow propelled Agent @nataliaromanov3 into contention with a 53-point finish, thanks in large part to her performance in the final week, which featured the biggest character defining moment of the month. Despite the last place finish for Agent @robertcyoung, he was consistently in the running with strong performances from Deadpool and Luke Cage, but his 52 points fell just short of snagging him an overall placement point.

Overall Score – Bachman; 6 pts, King, 5 pts; Lennie, 4 pts; Robert, 4 pts; Natalia, 2 pts

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