Fantasy Comic League: Official Scoring, Week 30 – July 26, 2017

There is a lot to be angry about in the Marvel Universe these days, but Amadeus Cho is the angriest there is!. The Totally-Awesome Hulk features in the two main stories happening in the comics: “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” and Secret Empire. Cho, who has a more active role in “Weapons” than in Secret Empire, snags the final “Hero of the Week” title in July with 10 points. Two of the leaders of the resistance in Secret Empire, tie for second place with nine points. Captain Marvel continues to persevere and refuses to leave her post outside Earth’s defense shield. Black Widow’s moment of action finally happens in Secret Empire, but before she can pull the trigger on her assassination attempt, she sacrifices herself for one of her young protégé. The Punisher, who also ties for second with nine points, tried his best to thwart Black Widow’s plans, but he fails to take her down. Captain America Steve Rogers suffers one of his first major setbacks in Secret Empire and comes in fifth place with eight points. Miles Morales serves Steve his setback with the pre-destined beat down, but he refuses to follow through on the fatalistic Civil War II prophecy. The young Spider-Man scores seven points for sixth place. Black Panther, Deadpool, Groot, Logan and Marvel Girl round out the top heroes with five points each.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Midtown, Multiverse and Wakanda. League participants should cross reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @MixedMarvelArts for discussion!

Hulk (Amadeus Cho) (10)
Occupy Avengers
Secret Empire – Team Up
Weapon X – Durability, Melee, Rage, Strength, Team Up, Lead Team
Black Widow (9)
Occupy Avengers
Secret Empire
 – Agility, Melee, Weapon, Team Up, Lead Team, Character Development, Defeat Bad Guy
Captain Marvel (9)
Mighty Captain Marvel – Energy, Flight, Melee, Team Up, Lead Team, Save CIvilian
Secret Empire – Lead Team
Punisher (9)
Punisher – Gun, Melee, Weapon, Save Civilian
Secret Empire
 – Gun, Melee, Weapon
Captain America (Steve Rogers) (8)
Captain America: Steve Rogers
Secret Empire
 – Melee, Shield, Weapon, Will Power, Character Development, Defeat Antagonist
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (7)
Occupy Avengers
Secret Empire
 – Energy, Melee, Team Up, Character Development, Defeat Bad Guy
Black Panther (5)
Black Panther – Suit, Team Up, Lead Team, Defeat Bad Guy
Deadpool (5)
Deadpool – Healing, Weapon, Team Up, Defeat Antagonist
Groot (5)
I am Groot – Melee, Save Civilian
Mighty Captain Marvel
 – Team Up
Logan (5)
Weapon X – Claws, Healing, Melee, Team Up
Marvel Girl (5)
X-Men: Blue – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telepathy
Storm (4)
Black Panther – Flight, Lightning, Weather
Wasp (4)
Secret Empire – Flight, Team Up, Character Development
Ironheart (3)
Occupy Avengers
Secret Empire – Team Up
Moon Girl (3)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Dinosaur, Suit
Star-Lord (3)
Mighty Captain Marvel – Pilot, Team Up
Viv (3)
Occupy Avengers
Secret Empire
 – Team Up
Cable (2)
Cable – Gun
Rocket Raccoon (2)
Mighty Captain Marvel – Team Up
Cyclops (1)
X-Men: Blue
Thor Odinson (1)
Captain America: Steve Rogers
Daredevil (0)
Drax (0)
Gamora (0)
Kitty Pryde (0)
Luke Cage (0)
Ms. Marvel (0)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (0)
Thor (0)
Wolverine (0)

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