Fantasy Comic League: Official Scoring, Week 17 – April 26, 2017

Old Man Logan is gold in the final week of April. The geriatric X-Man is a cut above the competition and earns his first “Hero of the Week” title. He teams up with Sabretooth, his longtime nemesis, before the Weapon X team officially forms and he continues his trip down memory lane in his own series. Storm, his fellow X-Men: Gold teammate,   visits Black Panther, her former lover, in his own comic, and then joins her Extraordinary X-Men teammates in responding to Moon Girl’s call for help. That’s good enough for a second place finish for the former X-leader. Deadpool and Thor are the only other heroes to score more than five points in the final week of the month as the first season of 2017 ends on a slow week!

Hero and power usages are a combination of both the Midtown and Wakanda Fantasy Comic League divisions. League participants should cross reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @MixedMarvelArts for discussion!

Logan (16)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Team Up
Old Man Logan – Claws, Healing, Sense, Team Up
Weapon X – Claws, Sense, Team Up
X-Men: Gold – Healing, Rage, Sense, Defeat Bad Guy
Storm (11)
Black Panther – Weather
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Flight, Lightning, Team Up
Old Man Logan – Flight
X-Men: Gold – Weather, Flight
Deadpool (7)
Deadpool vs. The Punisher – Creative KO, Healing, Weapon, Team Up, Save Civilian
Great Lakes Avengers
Thor (Jane Foster) (6)
Mighty Thor – Flight, Lightning, Mjolnir, Team Up, Lead Team
Black Panther (5)
Black Panther – Melee, Tech, Lead Team
Ultimates 2
Cyclops (young) (4)
X-Men: Blue – Optics, Optics Offensive, Pilot
Iron Man (Victor von Doom) (4)
Infamous Iron Man – Magic, Repulsor, Defeat Bad Guy
Jean Grey (4)
X-Men: Blue – Telepathy, Lead Team, Character Development
Rocket Raccoon (4)
Rocket Raccoon – Guns, Team Up, Defeat Bad Guy
Daredevil (3)
Elektra – Batons, Team Up
Hulk (Amadeus Cho) (3)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Melee, Team Up
Ms. Marvel (3)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Size, Team Up
Doctor Strange (2)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Team Up
Captain America (Steve Rogers) (1)
X-Men: Gold
Magneto (1)
X-Men: Blue
Medusa (1)
Rocket Raccoon
Captain America (Sam Wilson) (0)
Gamora (0)
Nova (Sam Alexander) (0)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (0)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (0)
Star-Lord (0)
Vision (0)
Wasp (0)

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