X-Men Gold #2 – Review

x-men gold 2X-Men Gold #2: Back to Basics

Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Ardian Syaf

Inker: Jay Leisten

Colorist: Frank Martin

Letterer: Cory Petit

Cover Artist: Adrian Syaf

Editors: Mark Paniccia, Daniel Ketchum,  and Chris Robinson

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

TFSRecap (with commentary): This issue begins once again with television personality, Lydia Nance, watching the devastation from the previous issue on TV; I wonder if she is being set up as the new Reverend Stryker type figure? We move from there to the confrontation between our X-Men and the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Magma? Old Man Logan questions her involvement and is rewarded by getting scorched by her flames. Kitty Pryde reacts by revealing a new move called the T.F.S (Telekinetic Fastball Special) which has Prestige send Colossus flying; they knock out Magma with it.

Fighting breaks out between the Brotherhood and the team. Kitty tries to get Prestige to read their minds but she can not. We cut to Nightcrawler bamfing Logan away where he discovers that the Brotherhood are being psi-protected by Mesmero. Mesmero sends Kurt away and kidnaps Logan away from the battle. Even more fighting continues between the teams and Storm is about to do something big when the Brotherhood suddenly teleports away; this is just before the helicopters of hate arrive.

CapLooks like Cap and SHIELD are interested in what is going on, especially with Ms. Nance instigating a possible war between humans and mutants. Apparently Cap is also concerned at the fact that Pyro and Avalanche are around since they have been dead for some time. Kitty noticed they do not sound the same so it may be new people. She notes that Masque from the Morlocks is also part of the team, as well as a new mutant she has never seen that looks like a Brood. Cap expresses concern as to why Magma is leading the team, which Kitty is still in the dark about.

We move to Mardipor, where Logan has been taken by Mesmero. Logan thought Mesmero was dead as well and tells him to give interrogating him his best shot. Cut to New York City and we see a young mutant running for his life before he is murdered by what looks like the X-Cutioner. The action shifts back to Madripor where Kurt rejoins the team, explaining what happened with Mesmero. Kitty Pryde believes Mesmero is responsible for Amara’s involvement with the Brotherhood and leads the team back to America.

Some time later, at Gracie Mansion, it looks like the Brotherhood has kidnapped the mayor of New York and while the X-Men are investigating they run into NYPD Detective Kim, who does not like them getting involved. She lets them know the Brotherhood has made a video stating they will execute the mayor in 24 hours. Ms. Nance takes this opportunity to use this as a platform to have mutants deported; back at the mansion some of the young students are appalled. Back in Madripor, Logan and Mesmero are still having their confrontation but Logan manages to escape, prepared to fight the Brotherhood on his own. While this is going on, Kurt and Rachel are trying to find Logan using the new Cerebro while also discussing Ms. Nance’s comments and Rachel’s fear of where things are going; they are unsuccessful in finding Logan.

ConclusionPeter and Kitty have a moment to catch up while she is checking the dark web for any clues as to where the mayor might be. Peter is also concerned about Ms. Nance but Kitty is hopeful things will turn out okay. At this point, she gets a call from Logan, who asks her to come pick him up as he has defeated a few members of the Brotherhood.

Conclusion: Guggenheim keeps the steam rolling in this issue, moving several different pieces on his board. As to the mystery of this new Brotherhood, it seems like someone higher up may be pulling the strings, but who could it be? The inclusion of the X-Cutioner is quite surprising, as the original man behind the mask, Carl Denti, has long been dead; however, it fits with the revival of several other villains in this series. The art remains stellar; Syaf makes the action scenes look easy and the quiet moments come alive. This first arc is really grabbing my attention as it all seems very classic X-Men style. I hope the trend continues.

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