X-Men Blue #2 – Review

x-men blue 2X-Men: Blue #2

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Jorge Molina 

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: Joe Carmagna

Cover Artists: Art Adam & Peter Steigerwald

Editors: Mark Paniccia & Christina Harrington 

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

Screenshot_2017-05-03-19-45-29-1Recap and Thoughts: We start the issue in a junkyard, two months before the events of the first issue, as young Jean Grey is having a secret meeting with Magneto. Jean and Magneto discuss issues of trust as she recounts Magneto’s sordid past, especially with the X-Men. Magneto explains to Jean that he has had a change of heart and wants to embrace Xavier’s dream of mutants and humans living together in peace; there are threats that stand against this dream that he can not stand against due to his checkered past. He wants the original X-Men team to face these threats. Jean finds this a bit hard to swallow and, in a show of trust, Magneto removes his helmet so Jean can scan his head for any sign of betrayal; there is none to be seen. 

We move to the present where three of the original X-Men are now battling Magneto. The battle is quite heated, until Cyclops gets crushed. It is revealed that this was a Danger Room session, which Beast and Iceman sat out much to the annoyance of the rest of the team. Trust issues between the group and Magneto clearly still exist if they are still trying to find ways to defeat him. 

Screenshot_2017-05-03-19-45-22-1Cyke goes to talk to Beast to see what is going on and Beast is not pleased to have him interrupt his experiments. Scott apologizes about giving Hank crap over his new practice of magic, but Beast is still hostile. They at least stand united in wondering how Jean convinced them to ever get involved with Magneto. Beast sends Scott away and we see the magic may be taking a toll on Hank. 

The action now moves to Bobby who is frantically trying to reach his boyfriend, Romeo of the Inhumans. Warren checks in on him briefly before we switch back to Jean and Magneto. He mentions their training session, but seems to be unaware that he was the focus of it. After mentioning he is not Xavier, nor operates in the way he did, the discussion turns to which villain is next on the agenda. We flash back to the junkyard again where Jean is taking a stroll inside the mind of Magneto, looking for clues of any betrayal. She stumbles across Magneto’s memories of the concentration camp which moves her to tears. 

The next morning she wakes to an alarm telling her of Sentinels in Barcelona, which immediately gets the team in action mode. Once they get there, they are surprised to see the Sentinels are greeting them in a friendly manner. From here we go back to Madripor, where Magneto is speaking with his robot about the young team’s chances against the Sentinels. They change the subject to an apparent project that he has been working on; a time machine that will send these original X-Men back to their time period.

Screenshot_2017-05-03-19-45-47-1Conclusion: This was a mostly introspective issue, the Jean and Magneto stuff is great as they are trying to reach common ground in the post IvX world. We also got some personal issues with a lot of the characters, which is always a plus in an X-Men title. The art by Jorge Molina is great and I hope he stays on the title for a while. Seems interesting to me as to why Magneto wants to send them back to their time when Hank let them know that at this point they cant go back; something Magneto possibly does not know? Perhaps most interesting is the Sentinels face turn; will it be revealed to be the work of a fellow mutant? All in all, another great issue in the Ressurexion era.  

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