Fantasy Comic League: October 2016

Deadpool is back in black and on top of the Fantasy Comic League’s most valuable character list! Matt (50 points) benefited from Deadpool’s 21-point month, but also exploited the league’s indifference to Karnak. The oft overlooked Inhuman scored a modest 11 points in his league debut, helping Matt score the monthly victory. Shaun (37 pts) successfully recovered from losing his whole team in the previous month, thanks in large (and small) part to Scott Lang’s big third week. Another rookie to the league, Ant-Man scored a double-digit tally in support of Shaun’s Doctor Strange-led team. Doubling down on Queens proved beneficial to Sceritz (33 pts) as Storm and Medusa raised him to third place. A dialogue-heavy Civil War issue resulted in a subdued Captain Marvel and Iron Man at Swampy’s expense (32 pts). Luke Cage’s sweet debut in the Fantasy League was not enough to bolster Brian’s (31 pts) team, nor could Peter Parker’s typical top-tier performance save Johnny (28 pts) from the bottom of the barrel.

Overall Score – Shaun, 5 pts; Matt, 4 pt; Johnny, 2 pts; Sceritz, 1 pt; Swampy, 1 pt; Brian, 1 pt

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