FANTASY COMIC LEAGUE: Wakanda Caucus – November 2017

Caucus Photo

As the world rebounded from the news of the origins of #Wakanda, Queen Mother Ramonda dispatched the Elite “S” Squad on a two-week humanitarian aid mission to South America.  There, the Squad worked with an international group to repair the damaged infrastructure caused by Klaw in his efforts to usurp T’Challa. #Wakanda Division Leader, Sistah Geek saw it as an opportunity to keep a watchful eye over potential dissidents to Wakandan sovereignty.

Upon returning to #Wakanda, the Elite “S” Squad was able to bring in 285 points for the #FantasyComicLeague. This was achieved by saving 6 civilians, defeating 9 adversaries and navigating 5 life changing events.

This month brought us another standout performance by a new Squad member, this time Agent Sha (@La_Ney_sha), who took over the first place spot in the 3rd week of competition and would not let go. Of course, this accomplishment happened in conjunction to a record breaking showing by Logan during that particular week, in which he was unquestionably named “Hero of the Week.” Plus, the fact Logan was the ONLY draft pick in #Wakanda to bring in points each of the five weeks of competition. This amounted to 35 of Agent Sha’s 75 total points coming directly from Logan.  Holding on to a second place finish once again was Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire), whose own #TeamGrowingPains brought in 71 points from a strong showing by Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. The third place spot went to Agent Soton (@sotonspidey) who held a firm grip on Peter Parker. Spidey brought in 35 of Agent Soton’s 66 points for #Wakanda. Coming in fourth with 48 points was Agent Superior (@SuperiorComics16) whose young team (plus Hercules) was led by Marvel Girl’s consistency in bringing in weekly points. Rounding out the “S” Squad with a fifth place finish was Agent Super (@supercurrymax) whose 25 points relied heavily on Carol Danvers. Unfortunately, Agent Super continues to experience lackluster success in drafting members of the Runaways.

We resume our monitoring of the Elite “S” Squad’s contributions to the #FantasyComicLeague.

This session of the Wakanda Caucus is now in recess.



Overall scores – Sistah, 7pts; Superior, 5pts; Sha, 4 pts; Soton, 3pts; Super, 2pts


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