Fantasy Comic League: Midtown Report – October 2017

World’s collided in the month of October when Mojo and the High Evolutionary each unleashed diabolical plans to overpower and trap Earth’s mightiest mutants and Avengers. The agents of the Midtown #FantasyComicLeague division heavily recruited the heroes at the center of the chaos to stop the invaders. The X-Men Blue and Gold teams joined forces against Mojo’s latest malevolent broadcast, while the Avengers and Champions teamed up to confront the High Evolutionary’s herald. The Midtown team scored 350 combined points thanks in large part to the 66 team ups between the heroes. Midtown saved 16 civilians, up from the previous month, but saw a decline in the number of antagonists defeated (7) and character defining moments (7), most likely due to the crossovers just beginning. Agent @Lennie_Roxx had a big month. She took first place with 80 points, 31 of which came from the top performing hero, Spider-Man, and then she ended the month by giving birth to her first-born son! Congratulations! Peter Parker was the only character to hit for the Fantasy cycle in October. Agent @Flesheater and Agent @anthonybachman engaged in a month-long back and forth competition, which saw Flesheater come out on top in the end. Both agents earned 73 points, and the top hero for both participants scored 29 points. Cyclops, who had one of his best months thanks to his allegiance to both the X-Men and Champions, broke the tie in Flesheater’s favor with 28 individual points. Agent @nataliaromanov3 recruited three leading ladies from the teams involved in the crossovers. They propelled her into contention with a big final week, but her 70 point finish fell just short in the end. Agent @KingofTysons never really had a chance this month despite drafting Miles Morales and Amadeus Cho. His reliance on two league amateurs, Cable and Ghost Rider, kept him at the bottom with 54 points.

Overall Scores – Lennie, 3 pts; Flesh, 3 pts; Bachman, 3 pts; King, 3 pts; Natalia, 2 pts

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