Fantasy Comic League: Official Scoring, Week 37 – September 13, 2017

A Marvel-ous duo sits atop the Fantasy Comic League hero ratings in what may be a preview of the following week! Carol Danvers stars in her first of two Generations comic, this one featuring a team up with her predecessor, and scores a “Hero of the Week” title off of nine points. Her young successor, Kamala Khan, comes in at second place with eight points. The two Marvel heroines will feature in a Generations comic of their own next week. Logan and Rocket Raccoon, two hairy, grumpy heroes with claws, tie for third place with seven points. A quartet of heroes, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Venom and Wolverine, tie for fifth place with six points. Star-Lord leads the Guardians in their team up with Wolverine scoring five points and stands alone in ninth place. Jennifer Walters version of Hulk, must be seeing red, as she’s tied for tenth place with infamous red head Jean Grey, and two Scarlet heroes: Spider and Witch. The four of them tie with four points. Molly Hayes, the Runaways wildcard, failed to show up in the youthful group’s new series premier.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Knowhere, Midtown, Multiverse and Wakanda. League participants should cross reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @MixedMarvelArts for discussion!

Captain Marvel (9)
Generations: Captain Marvel & Captain Mar-vell – Energy, Flight, Melee, Strength, Team Up (Captain Mar-vell), Lead Team, Save Civilian, Defeat Bad Guy (Annihilus)
Ms. Marvel (8)
Ms. Marvel – Fists, Melee, Size, Stretch, Team Up (Lockjaw), Save Civilian, Defeat Bad Guy (Lockdown)
Logan (7)
Old Man Logan – Sense, Team Up (Hawkeye)
Secret Empire
Weapon X
 – Healing, Lead Team
Rocket Raccoon (7)
All-New Wolverine – Weapon, Team Up (Wolverine), Save Civilian, Defeat Bad Guy (Chief Scientist Rankine)
Rocket – Leads Team
Deadpool (6)
Deadpool – Healing, Melee, Weapon, Character Development (Loses his family)
Secret Warriors
Doctor Strange (6)
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme – Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Team Up (The Sorcerers Supreme), Character Development (Aids Yao in becoming the Ancient One)
Venom (6)
Venomverse – Durability, Melee, Symbiote, Webs, Team Up (The Resistance)
Wolverine (6)
All-New Wolverine – Claws, Team Up (Guardians of the Galaxy), Save Civilian
Weapon X – Claws
Star-Lord (5)
All-New Wolverine – Weapon, Team Up (Wolverine), Lead Team, Save Civilian
Hulk (Jennifer Walters) (4)
Hulk – Strength, Transform, Team Up (Hellcat)
Marvel Girl (4)
X-Men: Blue – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive (Force Field), Telepathy
Scarlet Spider (4)
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider – Team Up (Death), Save Civilian, Character Development (Cures his scars)
Scarlet Witch (4)
Uncanny Avengers – Flight, Magic, Defeat Bad Guy (Graviton)
Captain America (Steve Rogers) (3)
Secret Empire Omega – Save Civilian, Character Development (Confronts his tainted legacy)
Cyclops (3)
X-Men: Blue – Optics, Optics Offensive
Daredevil (2)
Defenders – Sense
Groot (2)
All-New Wolverine – Team Up (Wolverine)
Iron Fist (2)
Defenders – Character Development (Bank rolls a new building for Night Nurse)
Jessica Jones (2)
Defenders – Sleuth
Moon Girl (2)
Secret Warriors – Intellect
Captain America (Sam Wilson) (0)
Crystal (0)
Hulk (Amadeus Cho) (0)
Ironheart (0)
Kitty Pryde (0)
Medusa (0)
Molly Hayes (0)
Ms. America (0)
Nova (0)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (0)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (0)
Storm (0)
Thor (0)

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