Fantasy Comic League, Wakanda Roundtable: June 2017

In a world where Hydra has dominion over the justice and the American way, heroes scrape for resources and trustworthy alliances. Still, against all odds, Sistah Geek combined the powers and abilities of Deadpool, Wasp, Hulk, and the Immortal Iron Fist (71) to remind us who’s really in charge: Wade Wilson. The Merc with a Mouth dominated the month with a whopping 27 points. While Sceritz scored only one point less (70), The Supreme Leader, Steve Rogers himself brought only 12 points to the table. But the rest of the team picked up the slack, most notable the grumpy Old Man Logan with 25 points. Soton (68) stuck to his duo Spider approach with Peter netting 25 points, backed up by a strong Daredevil with 22. In 4th place (38), Seren made a Rocket Raccoon play with 14 points that paired nicely with Ironheart, a newer hero that we haven’t seen in the league often before this with a solid 13. And lastly Wakanda’s newest member, Supercurry is playing the long game with some of his favorites, as Jubilee, Moon Girl, Cyclops and Thor net him 19 points. That’s all until next month at the Wakanda Roundtable.

Agent Sistah Geek- 6 points (@S_Hero4Hire)

Agent Sceritz- 4 points (@ivwall)

Agent Serendipity- 2 Points  (@Serendipity824)

Agent Soton- 2 Points (@SotonSpidey)

Agent Super- 0 Points (@SuperCurryMax)

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