Cable #1-Review

cable 1


Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Carlos Pacheco

Inker: Rafael Fonteriz

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

Letterer: Cory Petit

Cover Artists: Dale Keown  & Jason Keith

Editor: Mark Paniccia

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

19106073_1663411473699830_4223459253066212673_nRecap and Thoughts: The story begins in 1874, Nobileen, Arizona, which immediately grabs my attention (time travel and Cable go hand in hand). We see a gentleman leaving a saloon. Inside the saloon we see a group of gentlemen playing cards and talking about how they own the town and they have no desire to leave. All of sudden, Cable comes in but surprises noone; apparently the men were told to expect him. These people have future tech, sophisticated for 2017 let alone 1874. 

We jump to later, after Cable has taken care of these guys. He is questioning one of the men, who is scared the person behind their tech will kill him. He comes to find out this mystery person showed up out of nowhere and offered the guns to the men in exchange for their time as the person was looking for something before he disappeared. Apparently they explored a place three hours away and Cable wants the man to show him where. They arrive at their destination and it looks like a crop circle type formation (ancient aliens anyone?) He tells the man to go back to jail with his friends and then proceeds to teleport out of there.

19113747_1663411370366507_3153573251946435578_nCable winds up time traveling back to Japan during the year 1543. Cable walks to a burning village where he finds a woman holding a dead baby. She lets him know the damage was caused by men with flaming swords and he lets her know he will avenge her son. We jump to later on in the day where we see some Ronin having a discussion about what despicable deed they will be doing next. Cable shows up to battle them but looks like they, much like the gentlemen in the old west, were prepared for him to attack. But unlike those men, these Ronin planned much better and are able to overpower Cable, just as the cliffhanger rears its head.

Conclusion: This new chapter in Cable’s long and complicated life starts out with a bang. There is a ton of action in this issue and this action is brilliantly drawn by the ultra talented Carlos Pacheco (fresh off of Occupy Avengers). The story has me hooked as I am a sucker for time travel stories. James Robinson is no stranger to Cable as he had a long run on his title during the 90’s. Robinson is quickly cooking up the suspense as to the menace who Cable is after. I hope down the road they add another character to accompany Cable as he shines brightest when has has someone to play off on (e.g., Deadpool, Domino, Irene Merriweather, Hope Summers) Despite this, I can not wait for the second issue.

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