Fantasy Comic League: December 2016 – Preview

As things begin to de-escalate in the second superhero Civil War, the rising tension between the mutants and the Inhumans finally boils over. Can Miles Morales and Steve Rogers escape their unsettling fates at the end of their battle, and what fate befalls the original Cyclops as the war of outsiders begins. Amidst all the war and internal struggles, Deadpool and Spider-Man, two of Marvel’s most jovial characters, jockey for Fantasy Comic Character of the Year honors. Doctor Strange continues to ride the wave of cinematic synergy magic and looks to end the year on a high note. In the final month of the 2016 Fantasy Comic League season, a slew of characters could be poised to play the role of sleeper spoilers, including the Punisher, Iron Fist, Young Cyclops and Jean Grey, and Misty Knight, whose two appearances finally earned her a place in the tier charts!

Do you want to join the official MMA Fantasy Comic League? Starting in 2017, the Mixed Marvel Arts is expecting to expand our official league to 10 members; two divisions of five participants each. There are no prerequisites to joining other than a twitter handle, but having an interest and passing knowledge of current Marvel comics would be appreciated if you express interest in joining. Please connect with the MMA hosts on our social media accounts expressing your desire to join. The Mixed Marvel Arts encourages others to follow along with our official Fantasy Comic League, as well as run your own league with your friends. Please follow along with our #FantasyComicLeague tweets on our Twitter for official power scoring and for your chance to join the official league and win a trade paperback collection of your choice!

These appearance estimates, based on comic solicitations and cover artwork provided by the Marvel Database wiki, are meant as a guideline and not an indication of a specific draft order. Character names, team designations and power sets conform to the most current information provided by the Database. Power designations are simplified for easier classification and choice, providing the majority of the heroes with 9 to 11 eligible powers from which to choose. As a reminder, you may only have one hero per team designation on your roster and are allowed to select three powers from the heroes’ power set. Powers in (parenthesis) are a subset of the overall ability and can be selected as well as the generic use of that power. For example, Deadpool can be drafted as any of his four team classifications and can use Weapons, Blades and Guns as his three powers (Blades and Guns being a subset of the overall Weapons skill).


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