Fantasy Comic League: September 2016

The third season of the 2016 Fantasy Comic League began the same way the second season had ended. Shaun tapped into Captain Marvel’s dominate Civil War performance to triumph over the rest of the participants. Carol and Black Panther, her Ultimates teammate, joined to score 45 of Shaun’s 58 points. Johnny used Spider-Man’s 23 points to edge out Brian when their two teams tied at 46 points. Medusa, Captain Marvel’s Civil War gal pal, was a strong factor in Matt’s fourth place finish. Newest Fantasy Comic League member, Sceritz (@IVWall), brought Storm back to the League and she showed her appreciation by earning a 15 point month. Swampy’s buddy comedy-like team led by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers was only good enough for a 35 point finish.

Overall Score – Shaun, 3 pts; Johnny, 2 pts; Brian, 1 pt; Matt, 1 pt; Sceritz, 0 pts; Swampy, 0 pts

Follow along with the scoring, Episode 69: The Penitent Captain Proceeds


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