Fantasy Comic League: August 2016 (Finals)

Shaun defied Brian and Spider-Man and denied them a victory in the final month of the second 2016 Fantasy Comic League season. Carol continued her hot streak thanks to her starring role in Civil War and joined with Deadpool to deliver Shaun the League Championship and a copy of the trade paperback, Spider-Gwen #1. Spider-Man mustered a month-leading 41 points, but Brian’s reliance on the All-New, All-Different Avengers proved to be his undoing. Matt’s brawling combo of Steve Rogers and Daredevil each scored double-digit points, as did swampy’s top two heroes, Iron Man and Logan. Johnny, who fell from contention early, finished the season in the basement, his fan favorites all only securing single-digit points.

Overall Score – Shaun, 8 pts; Brian, 7 pts; Matt, 6 pts; Swampy, 6 pts; Johnny, 1 pt

Follow along with the scoring, Episode 68: What’s Your Marvel Fantasy?

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