Fantasy Comic League: July 2016

Tony Stark steamrolled the Fantasy Comic League in the month of June, but in July, Carol Danvers, his Civil War II adversary, scored her personal best and led the individual hero points for the first time. Apart from Captain Marvel’s 30-point tally, Shaun’s Civil War gamble did not quite pay off, despite two of his characters, Hawkeye and Bruce Banner, receiving a few Character Development points from a single arrow shot. Shaun finished in third place, one point behind Matt and swampy. Following a momentous two months for Iron Man, the Golden Avenger could not help swampy defeat Matt and Spider-Man in a tie for first place; Peter’s 29 points bested Tony’s score of 24. As a result, Matt lost his whole team, allowing swampy to build a roster around Iron Man once more. Brian’s reliable trio of All-New, All-Different Avengers kept him in the tight race, but he had to settle for a fourth place finish. Headed into August, Brian should benefit from keeping his main three together once more; FalCap, FosThor and Ms. Marvel averaged 9.9 points a week the previous two months for Brian. In the end, Johnny and his team came up far short once more, however, his last place finish presented him with an exciting opportunity to play spoiler. The final month of the 2016 Summer Fantasy Comic League will start with a four-way tie, setting up a winner-take all scenario between Matt, swampy, Shaun and Brian.

Overall Score – Matt, 5 pts; Swampy, 5 pts; Shaun, 5 pts; Brian, 5 pts; Johnny, 1 pt

Follow along with the scoring, Episode 66: Dr. Strange’s Black Girl Magic

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