Fantasy Comic League: June 2016

Iron Man continued to sore in the Fantasy Comic League and scored the most individual hero points for the second month in a row. Thanks to the events of Civil War II, and a five-week month, Tony tallied a record-breaking 44 points – the most points scored by one character in a single month. Unfortunately, Iron Man’s heroic 16-appearance effort, and scoring at least one point in every category, was not enough for swampy, as a subpar showing from the Punisher brought his team down to a third-place finish. Brian’s typical trio of well-rounded, All-New, All-Different Avengers earned him a first place finish when led by Deadpool’s 33 points, which was a monumental score in its own right. After finishing in last place in May, Matt drafted the dependable Spider-Man and benefited from his 32 points, slightly ahead of his surging Captain Marvel, 29 points. Shaun cobbled together a new team based around Nova, 28 pts, and She-Hulk, 19 pts, which proved good enough to beat Johnny’s typical roster of single-digit point-scorers.

Overall Score – Brian, 4 pts; Shaun, 4 pts; Swampy, 3 pts; Matt, 2 pts; Johnny, 1 pt

Follow along with the scoring, Episode 64: The Benefits of Drafting Men

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