Fantasy Comic League: March 2016

The All-New, All-Different Avengers assembled for Brian and delivered him his second straight victory. Johnny continued his slow crawl up the ladder and Lash remained in the cellar. Shaun’s unorthodox approach to the draft earned him third place and introduced Howard the Duck and Adam Warlock to the league. The rookies only managed 15 points between the two of them for Shaun’s team, but individually they outpaced the five points for Brian’s Ms. Marvel and the four points for Johnny’s Mockingbird. Lash suffered from the All-New Wolverine’s uncharacteristic three-point finish. Marvel’s flagship odd couple, Spider-Man and Deadpool, took the top two spots for the month with 19 and 18 points, respectively.

Overall Score – Brian, 5 pts; Shaun, 3 pts; Johnny, 2 pts; Lash, 2 pts

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