Fantasy Comic League: February 2016

Johnny triumphant! Not really, but it had been a full year, since February 2015, since he placed higher than last in the Fantasy Comic League. Spider-Man’s league-leading, twenty-point month netted Johnny a third place finish and slightly edged out Lash’s team by one point. Lash retained three-quarters of his January-winning team and secured the same number of overall points, but he tumbled to last place when the other teams had stronger months. Brian and Shaun relied heavily on the Avengers to earn first and second place, respectively. Shaun’s Captain America scored 17 points, enough for a three-way tie for second-most points, while Deadpool and Miles Morales, Brian’s top two, double-downed on the 17-point finish.

Overall Score – Brian, 3 pt; Shaun, 2 pts; Lash, 2 pts; Johnny, 1 pt

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