Fantasy Comic League: December 2015

The final season of the 2015 Fantasy Comic League ended in a tight race. Shaun and Brian tied for the most points in December, but Spider-Man decimated the other heroes by scoring 27 points while appearing in league-leading nine comics. Spidey’s heroic effort gave Shaun the overall win thanks to the tiebreaker rules implemented at the start of the season. Despite his runner-up finish, Brian’s team performed admirably with every hero scoring double-digit points. Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Miles and Steve Rogers also notched ten or more points for their respective owners. To round out the standings, Lash secured third place, while Johnny finished in last. Make sure to follow along with Podcast Episode 57 – The Fantastic Flameout of 2015 for a full breakdown of points.

Overall Score – Shaun, 5 pts; Brian, 4 pts; Lash, 3 pts; Johnny, 0 pts.

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