Fantasy Comic League: October 2015

A new season of the Fantasy Comic League begins. This round introduces a fourth participant, @dirtylash, and closely reflects Marvel’s All-New, All-Different marketing campaign. Squirrel Girl heads up the new additions to the league and her 11 points help Brian secure a first place finish. Spider-Man, and his 16 points in six appearances, proves why he was the hands-down number one overall draft pick for Shaun. Johnny battles it out with the newcomer to avoid a last place finish, but loses the tiebreaker when Iron Man scored more individual points for Lash’s team. Other new characters making their first appearance include Human Torch, Agent Venom, Ms. Marvel, Sunspot and Brother Voodoo.  Make sure to follow along with Podcast Episode 55 – Make Captain America Great Again for a full breakdown of points.

Overall Score – Brian, 2 pts; Shaun, 1 pt; Lash, 1 pt; Johnny, 0 pts.





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