Fantasy Comic League – January 2015

The new year kicks off a new season of the Fantasy Comic League, but it yields a familiar result. The contestants are making 2015 interesting by introducing prizes for the four-month seasons. The winner of the season will receive a trade paperback collection of their choice. With the stakes raised, a new system was necessary for keeping track of the scores. Storm, Brian’s mainstay hero, took home the top rank for heroes with 15 points in January. Shaun and Johnny both had heroes nipping at her toes with Thor and Falcon each receiving 14 points. Iron Man continues his sharp decline in value and joins the cosmic-lovebirds, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde, with a 4-point showing for the month. In the end, Shaun squeaks out a close victory taking an early lead in the season. Make sure to follow along with Podcast Episode 47 – Sending Puzzling Messages for a full breakdown of points.

Shaun Team Card

Sabretooth Stat CardBlack Widow Stat CardDaredevil Stat CardInvisible Woman Stat Card

Thor Stat Card

Brian Team CardSpider-Man Stat CardStorm Stat CardHulk Stat CardSpider-Woman Stat CardKitty Pryde Stat Card

Johnny Team CardMiles Morales Stat CardFalcon Stat CardIron Man Stat CardStar-Lord Stat CardX-23 Stat Card

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