MMA Weekly Web-Up, 02-15-15

Samuel L. Jackson is Marvel’s biggest fan. While promoting his latest film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Jackson offered his opinion concerning the Marvel and DC movie universe. The actor behind Nick Fury’s patch complimented Marvel for having “figured out a way to make those movies accessible to the public that DC hasn’t,” adding that people aren’t as “juiced up” for Batman and Superman. I think that was about it for the news this week. Yup, nothing else of consequence in the Web-Up.

MovieNewsBannerAmazing Spider-Man close upSpider-Man. To kick off the week, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios gave their fans an early Valentine’s Day present. The companies announced a joint collaboration for Spider-Man’s movie future. This deal will allow Marvel’s flagship character to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in 2016. The rebooted Spider-Man will then star in a 2017 solo film for Sony. The much applauded partnership brings an end to Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man series and Andrew Garfield’s tenure as Peter Parker. Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Fiege will serve as a producer on the new Sony film. Amy Pascal, the Sony lead executive who received much of the flack for the recent cyber attacks, “will collaborate [with Fiege] on a new creative direction for the web slinger.” Sony maintains final creative control over the character and will continue to finance and distribute their Spider-Man movies. The deal has the potential to allow other MCU characters to mix with Sony’s Spider-Man and opens up the Spidey stable of characters to Marvel Studios in return. IGN has a more comprehensive breakdown of the deal.

The big announcement caused a ripple effect throughout the fan base, as well as Marvel’s upcoming slate of movies. Sony’s new Spider-Man solo adventure in 2017 takes the date originally reserved for Thor: Ragnarök. Marvel also pushed back a trio of their other movies to accommodate the new addition. The two-part Avengers: Infinity War movies remain unaffected.

Deadpool. Fox signed Gina Carano to appear opposite Ryan Reynolds in their upcoming Deadpool flick. Carano will portray a morlock known as Angel Dust, but the studio did not elaborate on the character’s role. The movie, directed by Tim Miller, stars Reynolds as the cancer-stricken Merc with a Mouth and long-time X-Man Colossus is also rumored to appear.


SecretWars Inferno“Inferno.” Colossus and Magik star in a “Secret Wars” tie-in series retelling the popular X-Men event as if the mutants lost. In this alternate universe, the Rasputin mutant siblings fight through a demon-infested New York City after the X-Men failed to prevent the invasion. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Garrón will handle the story which falls under the “Warzones” banner.

Avengers Vs. The Avengers are not letting “Time Run Out” without a fight. Literally. Joe Caramagna, a longtime letterer for Marvel, shifts his focus to writing for the four-part series. The Avengers roster will reflect the line-up found in the popular movies and television shows.

ShowsNewsBanner copy

Agents of SHIELD Lady SifAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lady Sif returns to the ABC series for the final half of the second season. The Asgardian amazon reappears in the show having suffered amnesia, but she will not have forgotten how to kick ass. The episode will feature actress Jaimie Alexander mixing it up against with a “bodyslamming” unannounced baddie.

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