MMA Weekly Web-Up, 11-30-14

All’s quiet on the Marvel front over this Thanksgiving holiday, but not for their Disney-owned brethren, Star Wars. Few headline news items came out, apart from a specific teaser trailer, leading up to one of the biggest shopping days of the year. A day when consumers could buy Disney Infinity: Marvel Heroes figures on the cheap. Individual characters could be picked up for as low as $9.00 at Walmart, whose sale lasted through Sunday. In the web-up, the cast and crew of Daredevil continue to promote the upcoming Netflix series, and two Marvel movies lock down the casting for a few bad guys.


Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Sure it’s not officially a Marvel property, but with their connection through Disney, and the fact that Marvel will be pumping out the official comics again, that means Star Wars falls under the Mixed Marvel Arts umbrella. And unsurprisingly, the first official teaser for the epic series’ new installment represented the biggest news from the past week.

X-Men: Apocalypse. The Star Wars-Marvel mingling doesn’t end there, however, as Fox announced that they cast Oscar Isaac as the big bad for the next X-Men film. Isaac, who is appearing in The Force Awakens, will play the titular villain, Apocalypse.

Captain America: Civil War. Frank Grillo confirmed that he will return for the third Captain America, reprising his role as Brock Rumlow, otherwise known as Crossbones. The last movie left Rumlow scarred so fans can expect Grillo to spend more time behind the super villain’s mask. Crossbones might play the role of the strong man lacky to Daniel Bruhl’s unspecified villain.


SW Map.jpgSecret Wars. Everything ends in May 2015, and in the wake of that finale, a Battleworld will emerge. Marvel released a map which represents the landscape of their big Secret Wars event. Manhattan is home to the main Marvel-616, sandwiched next to the Ultimate Universe, while other names hint at what characters and universes will inhabit the world. Domain of Apocalypse and Mutopia are obviously slanted towards the X-Men, while locations such as Spider-Land and the Hydra Empire appear self-explanatory. There are three classified locations, and a few other ambiguous spots such as Killville and Weirdworld.

Star Wars. After almost twenty years, the return of Marvel-published Star Wars comics is a little over a month away, and the company is throwing a party to celebrate offering comic shops the chance to join the jubilee taking place January 14, 2015. Those that take part will receive Party Kits which include items such as promotional pins and variant covers.

Ultron Forever. Marvel took a break from promoting Secret Wars to highlight another Avengers-centric event coming in 2015. The series focuses on another alternate timeline featuring Ultron, no doubt to help capitalize on his presence in next year’s Avengers film. The story will play out over three “Ultron Forever” comics under the Avengers, New Avengers and Uncanny Avengers banners. Marvel revealed promotional artwork featuring the story’s Avengers team, which is a mix of heroes from different time and spaces. Shown in the artwork are the current iterations of Black Widow, the Vision and the new female Thor. The art also features Walt Simonson’s version of Thor, a Hulk before he joined the Avengers, a pre-War Machine James Rhodes as Iron Man, and Danielle Cage, daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, as a new future Captain America,

ShowsNewsBanner copy

Daredevil. MTV recently interviewed Rosario Dawson, who is playing the Night Nurse in the upcoming Daredevil series. While Dawson expressed her wish to fly, she also mentioned she would enjoy the chance to appear in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie.

Steven DeKnight, the Daredevil showrunner, held a Q&A via Twitter where he clarified a few things about the upcoming series. DeKnight commented on Daredevil’s chances of receiving a second season; drawing inspiration from the Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. miniseries; and he confirmed that Daredevil will have both obscure and obvious Easter Eggs.



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